SA真人平台致力于环保实践和可持续发展. As an educational institution, Coe recognizes its responsibility to provide leadership in this area. It is this commitment to sustainability that has earned Coe a place in 的 Princeton Review Guide to Green Colleges four years in a row.





  • SA真人平台是特许状的签署人 美国学院和大学校长气候承诺,加入了全国超过665个校园. 这使得科有义务测量并随着时间的推移减少SA真人官网对气候的影响. Coe总统 大卫McInally 一直活跃在国家层面的组织中.
  • 科在很大程度上减少了学院的碳足迹.
    • 科把校园供暖从用煤改为用天然气, 这导致学院的碳排放量减少了19%. 新的蒸汽装置,与圣. 卢克医院是按照LEED标准建造的.
    • Coe is currently near the end of a project with the 能源 Service Group to reduce overall energy usage on campus. 这包括对校园基础设施的详细检查, 维修和更换低效部件, 并对结果进行验证. 这些费用将由未来的能源节约来支付.
    • 的 remodel of Peterson Hall utilized the latest in high-efficiency electrical motors and controls to make the science building’s ventilation system both safe and thrifty with electricity usage.
    • 2017年,克拉克网球中心的屋顶安装了1114块384千瓦的太阳能电池板. 的 installation also included a monitoring display system to track the energy production.
  • 2021年1月, SA真人平台开始与Fusebox合作, 公用事业数据管理公司, 这是爱荷华州能源办公室拨款的一部分. 在一起, Coe and Fusebox are working to understand and improve the college’s energy footprint by analyzing monthly electric, 太阳能和天然气数据. 通过这个过程, data-backed strategies are formulated for reducing energy use and peak demand across campus, 不需要向新设备投入额外的资金.



  • 科是由 爱荷华州的蓝色区域 to implement a campus master plan to incorporate edible landscaping throughout the campus. 爱荷华州立大学的 社区设计实验室 就是提供设计协助. Coe的环保俱乐部, 在苏珊·沃尔弗顿教授的帮助下, 启动计划, 筹款, 并在阿姆斯特朗-道格拉斯附近的校园里建造了一个永久种植花园.
  • Tom Wieseler,前餐饮服务总监,被认可为2012年 爱荷华州回收协会的 年度最佳回收者. 由于他的努力,科餐饮服务公司自2005年以来一直在堆肥所有的食物垃圾.
  • Coe是爱荷华州参加该计划的六所机构之一 美国环保局的食品回收挑战, which "seeks to reduce the environmental impact of materials through their entire life cycle, 包括如何提取它们, 制造, 分布式, 使用, 重用, 回收, 和处理."
  • Students are now required to use Nalgene bottles or their own water bottles in the cafeteria - no disposable cups.
  • 在做了废物研究之后," U"从09年5月毕业后就没有托盘了.
  • Coe餐饮服务是“更好的明天计划,索迪斯对可持续发展的全球承诺.
  • 餐饮服务公司更新了SA真人官网部门的可持续发展声明. 点击这里 to see what we are doing for the Environment, Local communities and in Nutrition, Health & 健康.
  • 餐饮服务 is in year three of computing their EPA Diversion Rate (going from 20% to 61%) and is newly certified by the 食物 Recovery Network for their efforts in food donation.
  • 餐饮服务与科环境俱乐部合作,创办了科花园, 哪些种植蔬菜——其中一些用于食堂, 尤其是在夏天.



  • Coe提供对所有纸张和塑料的混合回收. 垃圾箱遍布校园各处.
  • Coe was recently awarded a grant from Keep America Beautiful for additional recycling bins. 科是全国认可的37所大学之一.
  • Work study opportunities are available for students who wish to get involved with campus recycling.
  • 餐厅服务回收所有的纸板,塑料,罐头,玻璃和纸张.
  • 6以上,000 pounds (greater than 3 tons) of computer and network equipment are 回收 each year. All of Coe's outdated technology is 回收 by a licensed company that disposes of monitors, 打印机, 以环境安全的方式使用计算机和网络设备.
  • 回收小校园Coe joined more than 200 colleges and universities in the Campus Race to Zero Waste challenge with the National Wildlife Federation and won first place for per capita recycling among small colleges. Kohawks回收35.每人46磅. 要了解更多关于2021年竞赛的信息,请访问网站。该竞赛现在名为“校园零废物竞赛” www.recyclemania.org


  • In 2020, Coe was nominated by the city of Cedar Rapids and received the Stormwater and Urban 水shed Partner of the Year Award.
  • 科有一个雨花园, 位于希科克大厅附近, which infiltrates runoff from the roof back to groundwater rather than sending it to the storm sewer. Additional rain gardens were installed in the 校友 House garden during the summer of 2015, 2018年在旗杆附近.
  • 翻新和新建筑都采用了低流量水龙头, 小便池, 以及减少饮用水浪费的厕所.
  • 长辈的礼物 2015年科班的项目是利用透水铺路石安装露台. 院子里, 它位于希科克大厅附近吗, demonstrates the use of this technology which allows water to infiltrate rather than running off.
  • Eighteen water sensors have been purchased to track rainfall and adjust sprinkler use accordingly. 的 sensors will automatically turn off the sprinklers during rain and are expected to reduce the amount of irrigation water usage by 30 percent.
  • Coe's green roof reduces stormwater runoff while providing a habitat for wildlife and pollinators. Plants grown at Roof Top Sedums in Davenport, Iowa, will be installed by a local contractor.



  • 科有一个授粉者花园,是与爱荷华大合作创建的. 的 garden is filled with native plants that are meant to help attract pollinators such as butterflies. This garden also creates cover for birds, helping increase the biodiversity of birds around campus.
  • 科在2018年开办了一个苗圃, planting 55 saplings that they will grow for two to three years before being planted around campus. 为了耐寒和美观,建筑师选择了橡树、枫树和观赏树木.



  • Coe提供 可持续性奖学金 致对环境充满热情和关心的大一新生.
  • 科荒原野外观测站
    • 位于伊莱以北5英里, 明尼苏达州, it is adjacent to the largest and most pristine wilderness area in the eastern half of the United States.
    • Coe assumed operation after the Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM) decided to discontinue operation of the field station. 通过这样做,2的一部分.500万英亩的苏必利尔国家森林得到了保护.
    • Groups paddle directly by canoe from the field station to the edge of the Boundary 水s Canoe Area Wilderness in about two hours, 或前往安大略省奎提科省公园(Quetico Provincial Park),全程约8小时.
  • Coe环境科学
    • 提供严谨的教育,为从事自然资源管理工作做准备, 环境监测, 以及在该领域的研究生工作, 同时也解决了社区的环境问题.
    • Students can work with 树永远 to inventory the urban forest in Cedar Rapids utilizing GIS和GPS 技术.
    • Students study microbiological processes involved in bioremediation of hazardous metals in the subsurface environment.
    • 学生评估爱荷华州东部 水的质量 找到解决水污染问题的方法.
  • Coe环境研究
    • One of Coe's newest programs offers students in any major the opportunity to add broad study of environmental issues to their program of study as a collateral major.
    • 课程以环境伦理为特色, 环境经济学, 环境文学, 和环境科学.
    • 的 capstone seminar brings together students from a variety of disciplines to focus on a complex environmental problem. 最近的一个小组为校园制定了一个“雨水”总体规划.



  • Coe环保俱乐部
    • 学生组织积极参与科的环境可持续性运动.
    • 发起了名为CoeBIKES的项目! 该项目使用捐赠的自行车供学生使用, 教职员工可免费查询和使用. 该学院获得了1美元,罗克韦尔柯林斯公司提供的1万美元用于维修, 锁, 油漆, 和头盔.
    • 开发了科的永久栽培花园.
    • 举办及赞助教育活动.
  • Coe可持续发展委员会
    • 组教师, 工作人员, 以及协调校园环境活动和倡议的学生.
    • 监督Coe参与“针灸中心”的实施情况.
    • 比尔Brause, Coe的可持续发展协调员
  • 在锡达拉皮兹社区的志愿服务和实习机会